Online Poker Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are around every corner, including in the world of online poker. The game is part skill and part luck, which has led to a number of people to think that video versions are rigged. In most cases, online poker isn't fixed and a reasonable explanation can be found.

Cursed Cash-Outs

One popular conspiracy claims that a player will end up on a losing streak after a cash-out from a poker site. If all the poker players had the same objections, the number of casino winners would be much smaller. Thankfully, the winning players have trusted their instincts and tried to beat the casino odds. They often used the jouer au poker page as part of the process. The player's account is thought to be flagged, so that he or she is dealt bad hands. People who believe in the cash-out curse claim that poker sites are trying to punish players for taking money out and to discourage them from doing it in the future. In reality, a person might end up on a losing streak because he or she tried to advance too quickly or simply due to fluctuations in the game itself.

Bad Beats

You can lose a game of poker, even with a strong hand, if another player lands a lucky card on the turn. Some people think this is a sign that the game is rigged as it keeps weaker players from losing everything quickly. If a weak player lasts a long time, he or she will end up losing more so it's in the best interest of the site to keep him or her in the game longer. In reality, bad beats are just a normal part of the game.

Random Number Generators

Nothing in online poker is truly random, even if the dealing system uses a random number generator. Still, plenty of conspiracy theorists claim that random number generators are rigged and designed to give a certain type of result. If the system were fixed, it would be fairly easy for a player to detect.

Despite claims to the contrary, online poker games aren't rigged. People want to believe that the games are somehow fixed, especially after they lose. Claiming that the makers of the game cheated is somehow a lot easier for some players than accepting that they might not be the best. Instead of complaining about conspiracies, poker players can try to improve their skills and knowledge.